The Meltdown - Mullum Music Festival 2016 @ 70 - 90 Station Street

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    The Meltdown
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Melbourne based Soul/Jazz/Blues band The Meltdown is radioactive gospel at its’ finest. A bold, brassy, twangy steam train of bumping backbeats and swinging shuffles. There are a lot of soul revival bands around, but the Meltdown’s angle is different. The Meltdown has more than a bit of that Ray Charles country via gospel thing, and a taste of dirty blues in it too. A lifetime of writing and experience is condensed into a golden set of songs and a hot band. Great vibe, great players, great sound. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce to you the inimitable voice and songwriting of Mr Simon Burke. And yes, in advance, you’re welcome. It’s the songs that are king here.

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The Meltdown at Palais Theatre


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