Eye of the Enemy at Bald Faced Stag @ The Bald Faced Stag


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The Tote Hotel 20 October


Barwon Club Hotel (Dreadnaught, Teramaze, Damnations Day) 28 August, Club 1422 31 July, Home Tavern (Demonic Tempest, Automata, Netherealm) 30 July, The Brisbane Hotel 24 July, The Brisbane Hotel 24 July, Rosies Live (Aeternitas, In Obsidian, Overfiend) 16 July, The Shark Bar - Miami Tavern (Epileptic Fist Fuck, Azreal) 15 July, The Bald Faced Stag 09 July, East Brunswick Club Hotel (Death Audio, House of Thumbs, Feed Her To The Sharks) 02 July, The Enigma Bar (Skintilla, Taunt, A Murder Of Crows) 25 June


The Tote Hotel (Inhumaine + Suburbia Burns + Among The Devoured) 12 June