• Cuisine:
    Cake and Italian
  • Phone: (08) 9228 4405
  • Address:
    Shop 1
    400 Fitzgerald

    North Perth, WA 6006
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Throughout the world the cool creamy taste sensation of ice-cream has bought great delight to all ages, to some it’s a treat, to others it’s a must, and to Italians it’s a way of life. For generations the Messina family have harboured their closely guarded family secret whilst indulging and creating a taste sensation that has delighted many avid lovers of their 100% Italian artisan gelato. Their love and passion for this remarkable gelato has inspired them to share the family secret with anyone and everyone who craves for the ultimate in a gelato delight. With the use of only the finest ingredients and bound by the blend of time honoured tradition this closely guarded family recipe exudes the most sumptuous flavoursome taste sensation.
. Gelatino’s award winning gelato contains many fruity, fresh and traditional flavours appeal to all tastes. This remarkable creamy textured and balanced flavour has been passionately blended and refined to create a taste sensation that will exceed your greatest expectation. Experience the Italian passion through anyone of our fantastic flavours.
. Gelatino’s own manufacturing facilities are based in north Perth in Western Australia. Manufactured and delivered through out Western Australia using a blend of western Australian produce and the finest imported Italian ingredients. This gelato is manufactured daily and distributed to Gelatino’s own and franchised stores.

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