Maid & Magpie Hotel

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    Maid & Magpie Hotel
    1 Magill Rd
    Stepney, Adelaide, SA 5069
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Mon- Sat 9am - 3am
Sun 9am - 12midnight

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The Maid and Magpie Hotel, an Adelaide landmark and one of the city’s oldest and most historic hotels, was first licensed on June 13th 1848 in an open paddock in a commanding position where Magill, Payneham and Fullarton Roads met North Terrace and Baliol Street.
The owner was George Heinrich Muller who leased it to landlord Johann Heinrich Fritz Beddies and his new wife Eleanor Dempsey.
Immediately the landlord began the long tradition of attracting patrons by providing various entertainments during the course of a year including brass bands, singing, fireworks, sporting events and shooting competitions as well as the usual food, drink and beds for the locals (who were mainly German immigrants), visitors and travellers.
The Maid was also a centre of communication, a touchstone for democracy, meeting place for various groups, occasional scene of coronial inquests and a riot once.
At one stage in the 1860’s the Maid boasted the following sporting pastimes: Quoits, Four Corners, Billiards, Bagatelle, Nine Pins, a gymnasium and a cricket ground.
Also in the 1860’s Louis Muller who was a bullock-driver, shepherd, stockrider, gold digger, explorer and manager of the most remote cattle station in the North bought the property.
In 1882 his success meant he was able to engage architects and have the second story added.

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