Exchange Hotel

  • Phone: (02) 9331 1936
  • Address:
    Exchange Hotel
    34 Oxford St
    Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW 2010
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Opening hours:
Mon 12noon - 10pm & 5pm - 5am
Tue- Wed 10am - 10pm & 5pm - 5am
Thu 12noon - 12midnight
Fri 10am - 12midnight
Sat 12noon - 10pm & 5pm - 9am
Sun 5pm - 5am

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The biggest little club in our town with the best little restaurant in our town. It doesn’t have a gym, bowling greens or pool. The only water is what you put into your scotch!.
This is a place where people socialise: It’s their office, refuge, luncheonette and bank. It’s where friends meet. It’s their Moulin Rouge!.
It's a place with cocktails & ""Thank God Its Friday"" $3 Drinks. It's a place with cornball stuff like bingo, lucky membership draws, raffles, give-aways and live entertainment.
It’s noisy and brash at times, and reflective and quiet at others. It’s people! Be it the silent man and his beer, the lady with her Chardonnay, a keen sportsman or live music lover. It’s a place for barroom buddies and genuine affection.
Rivalries fester, love affairs begin and end, tall stories are swapped, reputations fabricated. As social aspects of life become questionable so the need for that continuity of community has grown accordingly.
The Club represents the best of that continuity and like any good village pub, the line between “customers”, “staff” and “friends” often becomes blurred in the laughter and fun.

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