Barry Adamson 'I Will Set You Free' Australian Tour 2012 @ The Factory Theatre

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"I grew up in an atmosphere where anything was possible. I always felt I was living completely at the centre of things, that the world was mine." – Barry Adamson. Thirty four years on from the first album he played on, the seminal Magazine's post-punk classic "Real Life", comes an album that touches on the sonic stepping stones he's used year by year to pave his way to now, his coruscating new album, I Will Set You Free. The memories and experience from performing and taking his work across the world with Magazine, the Bad Seeds, Iggy Pop, The Gun Club, writing for David Lynch, Danny Boyle, being nominated for the Mercury Prize, scoring an Olivier award-winning ballet, scooping the Best Short Story gong at Italy's Piemonte Noir festival for his debut work of fiction and writing, directing and editing a movie whilst simultaneously heading back to grace the stage with a reformed Magazine during their triumphant 2009 tour... All of which has directly informed this album, colouring it with a steady, sure-handed experience that emanates from the swagger and fingertip fire of rock numbers Get Your Mind Right, Destination & The Sun and The Sea, to the emotive, yearning noir ballads of If You Love Her and Looking To Love Somebody and the new wave inflicted power pop of Turnaround and Stand In. Barry has ultimately channelled himself to make an album that is unmistakably Barry Adamson, gravitating finally to the core of who he is and revealing his findings to startling results. Adamson as an artist and an auteur has firmly hit a new peak in his creative stride and, finally free of the shackles of mute obsequiousness, he has created both the album of his career and an album for the year. “Those used to Adamson in his William Burroughs-reading, jazz playing, cigarillo smoking, King Of Nothing Hill guise, will probably be surprised by this come back rock beast, which probably owes more to his time in Magazine and The Bad Seeds and Iggy's Berlin period than it does to most of his solo career.” – The Quietus “I Will Set You Free is the sound of Adamson's liberation as a songwriter, producer, and arranger. He feels comfortable in his skin on this wonderfully sequenced collection of songs that makes no attempt to hide his past; if anything, he celebrates it as he moves ever forward.” – All Music Guide


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