Divlje Jagode (Wild Strawberries) - Australian Tour 2012 @ The Punchbowl Club

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Divlje Jagode (Wild Strawberries) - Australian...

DIVLJE JAGODE (Wild Strawberries) are a legendary Rock Band that formed in 1977 in Bihac (Bosnia) by guitarist Zele Lipovaca, and are now based in Zagreb, (Croatia). The band achieved huge popularity with their first singles and are considered one of the best selling artists in the ex- Yugoslavia, selling over 4 million albums. At the peak of their popularity in the 80's Zele Lipovaca, (considered top 10 guitarist in the world) was approached by British band White Snake to join as lead guitarist, but declined due to the growing International success of Divlje Jagode. In 1986 they recorded their 1st English album which was also released with great success in Sweden, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.
The band is back in Australia to promote their new single and DVD 'Ne Nisam ja' ('No it's not me')
INEX TOURING is proud to present one of the Hardest touring bands in the world, DIVLJE JAGODE - 'ON THE ROAD AGAIN'... LET'S ROCK DOWN UNDER!!!


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