The Orb and Bomb The Bass - Double Headline Show @ The Hi-Fi

The Orb and Bomb The Bass - Double Headline Show

Two of the most acclaimed U.K electronic acts BOMB THE BASS and The Orb Soundsystem join forces for a double headline show tour.

From BOMB THE BASSs featured collaborations with artists such as David Bowie and Massive Attack to The Orb Soundsystems pioneering avant garde sampling - both acts are universally known and revered as crucial trailblazers in the fields of sampling, remixing, accompanying visuals and DJ culture ensuring this promises to be an unmissable live audiovisual event.

Bomb the Bass :
Tim Simenon and Paul Conboy formed the new incarnation of the group in 2008.
The atmospheric Future Chaos album proved Bomb The Bass still equals versatility within electronic music, reigniting Simenons ability to work with a wide range of talent (including Mark Lanegan and Fujiya & Miyagi) but also establishing Conboy as a regular vocalist.
With almost indecent speed the pair got stuck in to Back To Light, released the following year. Its soft, spacey grooves lent Bomb The Bass a Mediterranean warmth, realised through production input from Gui Boratto.
The duos music provides stimulating raw material for remixers, and FM Gods have stripped the whole Back To Light album back for a direct assault on the dancefloor.
With Simenon and Conboy in a rich creative vein, another Bomb The bass record is in the bag for early 2012. Who knows where it will take them next?

The Orb:
Theres always been two quite contrasting sides to The Orb Soundsystems centrifugal epicentre Dr Alex Paterson . One is the purveyor of hook-ridden songs laden with vocal toppings or memorable samples, as heard on last years delightful collaboration with Youth and Tim Bran, The Dream, which Alex describes as pop. The other is more serious, focusing primarily on the sound itself, noticeably rearing in the mid-90s almost as a reaction to The Orb Soundsystems initial success, on under-rated masterworks like Orbus Terrarum.


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