The JD Set 2011 celebrate Icehouse @ The Beresford Hotel


This year, for the birthday instalment and beyond, you’ll be seeing (and hearing) some amazing current talent paying homage to classic artists by reinterpreting their music via a series of inspired collaboration projects. From photo shoots to rehearsals and the final live shows The JD Set will be continuing to bring people together through great music – in this case artists and consumers alike for some truly unique performances. Join The JD Set at for all the latest news and behind-the-scenes access as the collaborations unfold, plus some extra birthday ‘sur-prizes’ courtesy of Jack throughout September, including tickets to The JD Set gigs.

So, who’s first up for The JD Set reinterpretation treatment? None other than iconic, internationally renowned Aussie band – ICEHOUSE.

Fronted by celebrated Australian musician, Iva Davies, the band originally called Flowers, were one of the most successful pub bands on the circuit until 1980, when their debut album, Icehouse (the moniker which they later adopted), received critical acclaim and rocketed up the national charts, reaching No 5, a feat unprecedented by any other Australian band on debut at the time. The accolades continued for the band with the release of their follow-up album, Primitive Man, surpassing the success of their debut, and spawning the top 10 track that has since become a certified true blue anthem Great Southern Land. But it was ICEHOUSE’s third album, Man of Colours that truly earned them success on an international scale and cemented their standing as one of our most successful bands, with the singles Crazy and Electric Blue that topped both the US airplay and sales charts. With album sales surpassing 9 million internationally, eight top 10 albums and over thirty top 40 singles, ICEHOUSE have earned their place in Australian music history and were honoured as such with their induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2006.

With stats like that, the task of recreating some ICEHOUSE repertoire seems like a massive undertaking, but rest assured The JD Set has hand-picked some of the country’s hottest (and coolest) artists, who will no doubt put their own unique spin on these all time favourites.

At the helm of the project are Australian genre-benders Art vs Science. Having established a massive following since their arrival on the scene in 2008, the festival favourites have gone from strength to strength, from the alternative hits Parlez-Vous Francais and Flippers to their debut album The Experiment, released earlier this year, reaching No. 2 on the ARIA Album Chart, and also earning a place in Triple J’s Hottest 100 Australian Albums of all time (the youngest record on the album to do so). The Sydney trio have no doubt earned their position as one of Australia’s hottest and most in demand bands, which is why we are honoured to have them on board following their massive successes across the local summer festivals and beyond. They will be hitting The JD Set straight off the back of a US visit so expect a riotous homecoming.

Joining the lads in what is truly a collaborative effort will be angelic voiced minstrel, Kate Miller-Heidke, who has established herself as one of Australia’s leading ladies of pop topping the charts with her unique and soulful sound. Picking up a slew of award nominations, with notable wins including the grand prize in The International Songwriting competition for the chart favourite Caught in the Crowd, Kate has also achieved platinum sales for her most recent album, Curiouser, along with the unforgettable single, The Last Day on Earth.

Also on deck will be the effervescent front woman of Aussie favourites The Grates, Patience Hodgson. She’s cemented herself as one of Australia’s best-loved lead vocalists through her abrasive and relentless onstage antics – from Bat Girl outfits to gravity-defying stage dives, Patience is one force to be reckoned with. The Grates’ recent album Secret Rituals has been lauded by Triple J, Rolling Stone and many more, with Miss Hodgson playing cover-girl for several of the country’s leading music mags as a result. Amongst her musical accolades (two top ten ARIA Albums plus numerous award nominations, J Awards and The AMP) she was crowned Yen’s Young Woman of the Year at their inaugural event.

Rounding out the team will be guitarist and vocalist of critically acclaimed Sydney experimental pop outfit Dappled Cities, Tim Derricourt. Since their inception as a high school band in the late nineties, Dappled Cities have earned a position as favourites on the festival circuit, building a cult following around their incendiary live shows. Tim returns to Australia for the gig from the US, where Dappled Cities have just started recording for their new studio album with Dan The Automator.

Warming things up before Art vs Science and friends take to the stage, and keeping the heat coming after their headline performance, will be your favourite Indie-Dance troubadours the Purple Sneakers DJs.

ICEHOUSE frontman, Iva Davies, said “'It was quite a surprise and honour to find out that several of my favourite current Australian artists were getting together to perform songs from the Icehouse catalogue. It seems the release earlier this year of the 30th Anniversary of the Flowers’ Icehouse album has unearthed some fans in the music community and I can't wait to hear what they do with the songs to make them their own.'

So dust off the party frocks people as 2011’s birthday edition of The JD Set is going to be twice as big as last year! Not only will Sydneysiders get the chance to partake in the partying, this time we are spreading the love down south, with Melbourne set to kick start the festivities at Trak, Wednesday, 14 September, before the revelry continues the following night at the new Upstairs Beresford, Thursday, 15 September in the harbour city.

Jack Daniel’s Brand Manager Natalie Accari commented “Jack Daniel’s has always supported great music and great craft generally, as well as being the focus of many legendary parties, so we’ll be celebrating Mr. Jack’s 161st this ‘Jacktember’ in fine style with a unique collaboration of artists and plenty of friends! We want the talent onstage to be truly inspired by coming together to pay homage to a classic artist, so that music fans get a real sense of something special taking place with these performances and everything that goes into them – then hopefully they’ll go away feeling inspired themselves.”


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