A Day To Remember and Underoath Australian Tour @ Luna Park - Big Top

A Day To Remember and Underoath Australian Tour

The ability to evolve and push boundaries has never been more important than it is now. While the mainstream becomes safer, the dynamic, genre-bending acts are driven underground, to be discovered by a whole new generation of music fans not content with the identikit bands pushed at them through the major media. It is this hallowed place that A DAY TO REMEMBER has not-so-subtly taken over, from stereos to mosh pits across the world.

With their latest album 'What Separates Me From You', A DAY TO REMEMBER have maintained their locomotive-like momentum, pushing their love of extremes to new heights. The hooks are their most melodic yet, in contrast to their breakdowns that are more crushing and medieval than ever before. "Whether it’s crafting a pop-punk anthem or delivering a sonic beatdown, ADTR do it better than everyone, and for the rest of us, that’s where the separation lies." – Alternative Press

For the six men in UNDEROATH, whose members have evolved and thrived during a decade-long progression that has elevated them into one of heavy music’s biggest successes, change has been ubiquitous. Overcoming what many consider their most significant line-up alteration yet, UNDEROATH have experienced an artistic rebirth in the form of 'Disambiguation'. “Dark, maddening, and one step away from throwing itself over the edge, and this is the very thing that makes it such powerful catharsis." - Sputnik Music. The musicianship has evolved, with every band member adding to each atmospheric showcase and onslaught of riffage that shoves the band’s genre and drives a spear straight through it’s heart.

Be prepared for an unforgettable ride through gang vocals, sing-a-long choruses and crushing breakdowns as A DAY TO REMEMBER and UNDEROATH visit our shores this May.


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