House Of Pain - Groovin the Moo Sideshows @ Manning Bar

House Of Pain - Groovin the Moo Sideshows

This April and May, HOUSE OF PAIN - the rowdy Irish-American Hip-Hop group from Boston, Massachusetts - will bring their fiery live show to Australia as a part of their 20th anniversary world tour.

It was the turn of a new decade when HOUSE OF PAIN changed the face of hip-hop with the release of their multi-platinum selling, self-titled, debut album which featured one of the most memorable songs in hip-hop history, ‘Jump Around’. Now it’s the start of another new decade and HOUSE OF PAIN is ready to do it all over again. On the heels of their widely heralded reunion show at KROQ’s ‘Epicenter 2010’, EVERLAST and DANNY BOY have decided to get the band back together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the groups’ formation.

Friends since high school, EVERLAST and DANNY BOY teamed up with DJ LETHAL in 1991 to form HOUSE OF PAIN. Although most widely recognized for their 1992 world wide smash hit ‘Jump Around’, the group has enjoyed a string of successful releases spanning the 20 years of their collective and solo careers. Before their split in 1996, HOUSE OF PAIN released two more albums; 1994’s Same As It Ever Was, which reached gold sales in the US, and 1996’s Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again. Collaborating with legendary artists such as Cypress Hills’ B-Real and Guru from Gang Starr, the group quickly gained both respect and notoriety for their merciless hip-hop instincts and their straight-up street attitude.

After HOUSE OF PAIN disbanded in 1996, EVERLAST achieved multi-platinum solo fame in 1998 with his album Whitey Ford Sings The Blues. In 2000, he received a Grammy nomination for Best Male Performance on the first single from that album, ‘What It’s Like’, and also won the Grammy for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group for his collaboration with Santana on the track ‘Put Your Lights On’.

Of their reunion tour, EVERLAST says, ‘It’s been 20 years and we are very excited to go out there and do this again’. The group has crafted a legacy that speaks to fans from all walks of life, and they’re back to show fans everywhere just how raucous and dirty hip-hop can be – to prove that it doesn’t matter your age, race, religion or whether you’re into hip-hop, rock or metal. What matters is your readiness to raise the roof.

So get out of your seat and ‘Jump Around’.


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Capitol 12 May, Manning Bar (The Havknots) 06 May, Adelaide UniBar 11 May, The Coolangatta Hotel 05 May, The Hi-Fi (Jungle Traffic) 02 May, Prince Bandroom (The Havknots) 29 April