Alestorm 'Back Through Time' Australian Tour @ Manning Bar

Alestorm 'Back Through Time' Australian Tour

Arrr! Those piratical badasses ALESTORM are sailing their way through the seas of time, to once again plunder our shores on an ale and wench raiding mission. May will be the month they drop anchor, paddle ashore and launch into the first set of swashbuckling shows, of their ‘Back Through Time’ world tour. ALESTORM’S third album ‘Back Through Time’ is an epic adventure with more drunken singalong anthems than you can shake a stick at. There are songs about midgets, songs about Wisconsin and songs about travelling through time to kill Vikings. And in an exclusive offer, Australian fans will have first opportunity to buy the new album anywhere in the world! So matey’s, don’t be a squiffy! Collect your dubloons, haul yourself down to the party and get your hands on a copy of ‘Back Through Time’ before any other scallywags can.

Appealing to a massive spectrum of music connoisseurs VOYAGER join the ranks as a mighty fine national support. Combining it all into a melting pot of incredible melodies and arrangements, VOYAGER’S latest offering "I Am The reVolution" is a journey into the overloaded information age, with a sound so versatile and unique that is is simply unforgettable... the reVolution begins HERE!


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The Triffid 11 February, The Croxton Bandroom 09 February, The Metro Theatre 08 February, The Gov 07 February, Capitol 06 February


Manning House 28 November, 170 Russell (Lagerstein) 29 November, Manning House (Lagerstein) 28 November, Fowler's (Lagerstein) 27 November, Max Watts (Lagerstein) 26 November, Amplifier Bar (Lagerstein) 24 November


Fowlers Live 23 January, Amplifier Bar 22 January, The Hi-Fi 20 January, Manning Bar 19 January, The Hi-Fi 18 January


The Corner Hotel (Voyager, HMAS Vendetta ) 14 May, Manning Bar (Voyager, Darker Half ) 13 May, The Hi-Fi (Voyager, Scuurvy ) 12 May, The Enigma Bar (Voyager, A Murder Of Crows ) 11 May, Amplifier Bar (Voyager, Claim The Throne ) 10 May


Rosies Live (Claim The Throne) 20 June, The Corner Hotel (Claim The Throne) 19 June, gt's Hotel (Claim The Throne) 18 June, Amplifier Bar (Claim The Throne) 17 June