Regina Spektor (USA) Australian Tour @ Palais Theatre

Regina Spektor (USA) Australian Tour

It gives The Frontier Touring Company great delight to announce the return of Regina Spektor to Australia and New Zealand in April this year.

When Regina Spektor’s family moved from her birthplace of the Soviet Union to America’s Bronx, her musical interests and talent expanded from the genre of classical music toward the vibrancy of pop and rock. These transitions of location and taste are reflected in the classical artistry within her piano composition and distinctive eclectic fusion of sounds. Adding to her repertoire of skills is her ability to play not only the piano but the guitar and occasional percussion as well, rendering her a truly versatile musician.

Regina Spektor’s first four albums, the most recent being the gold-certified Begin to Hope, which spawned hit singles ‘Fidelity’ and ‘On The Radio’, were positively received by fans and critics alike and stand testament to her prodigious talent. Last here in 2007, Regina’s sold out Australasian tour and international shows saw her fan base grow tremendously.

“They nearly gave her a standing ovation before she’d even played a single note…But Spektor proved she deserved the advance praise. Throughout, she was full of smiles and giggles, putting on one of the most intensely joyful rock shows we’ve seen all year.” – Rolling Stone USA

The popularity of Regina’s piano ditties, exaggerated glottal stops and fanciful phrasing are thought to have opened the doors for numerous other female artists to push the boundaries of their musicality, placing her on the pinnacle of the piano pop subgenre.

“Regina Spektor, though, has been an unacknowledged big sis influence on the sound of many young female artists. You can hear her early work in Florence’s jazzy bellow, in Peggy Sue’s raw-hearted confessions and in Kate Nash’s vocal quirks and proud femininity.” – NME

“With her unique riffs and unforgettable voice, singer/songwriter and pianist Regina Spektor is bringing a new sound to pop music” – ABC USA

Regina’s fifth and latest release, Far, continues to captivate listeners with sharp observations about the world around us. An insightful album full of universal appeal which maintains the intimate dialogue that is trademark Regina Spektor, the album peaked in the Top 10 on the ARIA Album chart and continues to win hearts across the nation.

Audiences in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Wellington will be treated to live performances by the charismatic piano-pop darling. Tickets are sure to be in high demand, buy yours early to ensure you don’t miss Regina Spektor’s charming live show.


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