Wes Carr 'The Way The World Looks' Live @ Southern Cross Club

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Wes Carr 'The Way The World Looks' Live

Singer/songwriter and 2008 Australian Idol winner, Wes Carr is set to embark on a national tour to perform songs from his soon to be released album 'The Way The World Looks'. The national tour, "The Way the World Looks LIVE", kicks off in Brisbane on May 27.

Known for his stage craft and high energy performances, Wes is an artist that is most at home on the stage and his tour is guaranteed to thrill old and new fans alike. It's a tour of celebration of sorts as Wes gets to do what he has spent most of his 26 years striving to do - sharing his music with the rest of the country.

'The Way The World Looks' is the story of Wes Carr. The twelve song collection includes the hit single 'You', eight new co-writes from Wes, and three songs that Wes had written over the years; 'Love Is An Animal' was written was Wes was 15, 'East Coast' was written when he was 23, and the title track 'The Way The World Looks', written when Wes was 24.

The debut single from the album 'You' is a No. 1, platinum selling hit, with the 2nd single 'Feels Like Woah' hit Australian radio last week and is already climbing up the Airplay chart.

You can see 'The Way Tthe World Looks' through Wes' eyes by watching him perform LIVE


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