Ellington ‘Summer Love’ Tour @ Transit Bar

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Ellington ‘Summer Love’ Tour

When pop rock band Ellington self-funded a trip to Atlanta USA to record with legendary producer Mat Malpass (Copeland, Lydia), they knew they were embarking on something big. Yet little did Jake Bosci (vocal/guitar) and Michael Beaston (guitar) know that it would prove to be the defining moment of their careers to date.

The recording sessions in Atlanta sees Ellington return to Australia with their new EP More Like A Movie, Less Like Real Life, a release that affirms them as a band with boundless potential. Featuring guest performances from Matthew Thiessen (Relient K), Jeff Turner (Say Anything) and Leighton Antelman (Lydia), More Like A Movie, Less Like Real Life is a phenomenal release – a quality compounded by Ellington’s decision to release it independently.
Already the EP has captured the imagination of a new generation of fans, with their website and MySpace (800,000+ total plays, 500,000+ profile views) gaining a torrent of attention from fans all over the world.
“Mick and I saved up and went to the States on a gut feeling,” Jake explains.

“We set our little minds on getting over there and finding an awesome producer and studio to expand our minds and skills and music to the next level,” Michael continues.

Hailing from the small town of Tannum Sands in Central Queensland, the Ellington story began when songwriting duo Jake and Michael began playing together in high school. After the underground sensation that was their debut EP, 2006’s The Joy We Keep In and the bands two-month long journey to Atlanta in April this year, last month saw the duo ink a publishing deal with Sony BMG Australia. This December – including a run of support slots with Something With Number – will see them hitting the road nationally to launch More Like A Movie, Less Like Real Life.

The six-track EP has catapulted Ellington to international attention, thousands of people smitten by their sweet harmonies and honest lyrics. Jake Bosci's warm and inviting vocals barely register a whisper above the atmospheric, dream-like guitar work. "She said it's not hard to fall in love / The hardest part is proving that love is what you wanted / and what you'll need for the rest of your life," sings Bosci on Wide Awake and Smiling, glimmering with sentiment and optimism.

Ellington explains the influences behind their music:

“A lot of relationships have come and gone, friendships and lovers,” Jake explains, “So I’m just writing songs that are honest and relevant to what’s going on in my life right now.”

“Love and life, generally,” Michael jokes before adding, “We just do the only thing that feels right at the time.”

To celebrate the release of the new EP and the first single lifted from it for radio Wide Awake and Smiling, Ellington are about to depart on The Summer Love Tour. Jake and Michael will be accompanied by their newly assembled touring band, consisting of Stevie West on drums, Lloyd Budd on bass and Anita Goldsworth on piano and backing vocals.


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