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Muph & Plutonic ...And Then Tomorrow Came Album...

‘...And Then Tomorrow Came’ is the career defining, highly anticipated 3rd full-length album from acclaimed Melbourne duo Muph & Plutonic, released on OBESE Records July 19, 2008.

‘...And Then Tomorrow Came’ sees Muph & Plutonic shine with a soulful clarity and maturity previously unheard on an Australian hip hop release.

The Obese Block Party in May 2008 was the introduction of the new Muph & Plutonic DJ, the one and only DJ Bonez – Muph & Plutonic’s set was a definite highlight on the tour – leaving audiences hollering for more!

'...And Then Tomorrow Came' is a rock solid album that showcases Muph & Plutonic’s versatility and prowess. Each track is handled with finesse that will carry over to live performances on their national tour throughout August, September and October.


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