Album Tour @ Northern Star Hotel and Restaurant


Catch the shimmering indie popsters on their album launch tour and sing along to singles ‘Is This How It Ends’, ‘Hey Bang Bang’ and ‘Me Michelle’.


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East Brunswick Club Hotel (Mountains in the Sky , Dardanelles) 22 December, Annandale Hotel (Teenagers In Tokyo + Tokyo Blonde + Bryan Estepa (RJs)) 16 December, Unknown Venue (The Honey Palace) 08 October, Northern Star Hotel and Restaurant (Pony Up (Canada), Shaky Hands (New Zealand)) 23 September, Oxford Tavern (Pony Up (Canada), Shaky Hands (New Zealand)) 17 September, ANU Bar (Pony Up (Canada), Shaky Hands (New Zealand)) 20 September, The Tempo Hotel (Pony Up (Canada), Shaky Hands (New Zealand)) 15 September, Karova Lounge (Pony Up (Canada), Shaky Hands (New Zealand)) 09 September, The Projects, Rocket Bar (Pony Up (Canada), Shaky Hands (NZ)) 07 September, The Newport Hotel (The Silents and Sugar Army) 03 September, Amplifier Bar (The Silents and Sugar Army) 02 September, Prince Of Wales (The Silents) 01 September, Northcote Social Club (Pony Up (Canada) and Shaky Hands (NZ)) 08 September, Enmore Theatre (Starky ) 29 September