Flinders Hotel

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  • Phone: (02) 9356 3622
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    Flinders Hotel
    63 Flinders St
    Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW 2010
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Opening hours:
Tue- Thu 5pm - 3am
Fri- Sat 5pm - 5am
Sun 5pm - 12midnight

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The Flinders Hotel has a long and colourful history. The Flinders is home to the Sydney Harbour Bears, Luscious, Bada Bing, Pre- Loved , Twisted, BACK 2 LOVE, Reaction & The L Lounge to name a few.
The Flinders transforms to host all kinds of parties which have included JJJ, RockOut, Back 2 Basics, Les De-Luxe, Tribe, Momma Said, Unloveable, Nerdbos, No Fun, The Health Club, Reaction & People Must Jam, Tropicante Soundsystem, Music is Life & many more.

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