Pet Cemetery @ Flinders Hotel

Pet Cemetery

Pet Cemetery is a weekly indie/punk/rock club night at the Flinders Hotel that offers free performances from upcoming Sydney and Melbourne bands plus a swag of talented and varied guest DJ's........................... Pet Cemetery is here to get you off, get your kicks, get you lose, get you raging on the dance floor......... We have chosen the finest fuzzball rock pop to enrich your dance skills............. We open 9pm and have bands starting at 10pm.............. P.S. Pet Cemetery loves KRIPY and support their cause to infect us all with the best art/fashion/music/cultural gigs out and about Sydneytown.............Check it Love, P.C. X


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The Esplanade Hotel - Front Bar (Plastic Palace Alice, Oh Mercy, Mirror House Antics) 06 September, Spectrum (John Steel Singers, Fait Accompli) 28 June, Oxford Art Factory (Gallery Bar) (Yves Klein Blue) 05 August, The Zoo (Yves Klein Blue) 31 July, Ding Dong Lounge (Yves Klein Blue) 29 July, Geddes Lane (Yves Klein Blue) 12 June, The Factory Theatre (Yves Klein Blue) 06 June, The Esplanade Hotel - Front Bar (Sojourn, Major Major and The Great Dividing Range) 02 May, The Tote Hotel (Aleks & the Ramps, Big Cats) 12 April, Spectrum (Flying Foxes, Adrian Deutsch) 11 April, Glasshouse Tavern (Yves Klein Blue) 02 April, The Zoo (Yves Klein Blue) 05 June, The Hi-Fi (Yves Klein Blue) 04 June, The Zoo (Yves Klein Blue) 28 April, Metro Theatre - Transit Lounge (Yves Klein Blue) 27 April, Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) (The John Steel Singers, Danger Bunnies) 23 February, The Pub (Yves Klein Blue) 15 February, Ruby's Lounge (Yves Klein Blue) 14 February, The Palais, Hepburn Springs (Yves Klein Blue) 07 February, The Barwon Club (Yves Klein Blue) 09 February, Karova Lounge (Yves Klein Blue) 08 February, The Council Club (Yves Klein Blue) 06 February


Spectrum (Spandex Sarah, Best Friends Tech) 01 November, Flinders Hotel (The Cassette Kids/This Film Is For Bela) 22 August, Deagon Skate Park (Vegas Kings, Choking Cats, The Warm Guns, Laydeez Biz Indigenous Hip Hop Group, Vulcana Circus + CORE Series’ BMX & Skate Championship ) 11 August