Yarnia - Sydney Fringe 2012 @ Sidetrack Studio Theatre


Yarnia', is a tale of a lost sock, Solo, and his quest to find himself before being unravelled by the wicked sock monster who threatens to destroy the land! It begins in the eccentric Mrs Spinner’s Laundromat, a fantastical place where stories are shared and spun, as the cycles of life and the wash go round and round. In the washing machine, ( a magic portal), Solo is separated and finds himself lost, cast out and washed up on the shores of Yarnia, a land where all lost, discarded or odd/different socks end up. Yarnia, is a land where lost socks go to re dream their existence. It offers a chance to be re-imagined, recycled, remade and refashioned into wild, weird, brave and beautiful new creatures. It is a tale of friendships, new identities and new stories woven into its very fabric. It is a richly knitted landscape made up from the threads of old and new, borrowed and created. Follow Solo’s exciting journey of self discovery, friendship and dreaming as he travels through the knitted landscape meeting the quirky, whacky and delightful sock creatures of Yarnia!


Children & Family

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