Floodlines 2012 @ State Library Of Queensland

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Through stories, exhibitions and events, Floodlines shares your contemporary and historical memories of Queensland’s floods – making sense of the past and celebrating the spirit of recovery. As we recover, remember, reflect and rebuild, Floodlines: a living memory celebrates the resilience of communities, responding to the significant events of the summer of 2010-11. Queenslanders – through film, news footage, sound, flood-proofing ideas and the Flood and Cyclone Mosaic of community-contributed photos – help tell the rich and complex story of a summer we will never forget. Using augmented reality technology, the Floodlines app allows you to simulate the rise and fall of the Brisbane River across the CBD and surrounding areas. Brisbane’s ‘great floods’ of 1893 remain in our memory as a benchmark against which all succeeding floods have been measured. Floodlines: 19th century Brisbane probes the history of 19th century flooding and examines the lessons learned and opportunities lost.


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