Matty Grey is "AGE -LESS" 2012 @ Northcote Town Hall


**WARNING - Zero Educational content*** Matty G never grew up. He never learned to share his toys. He never learned to behave like an adult. But who would want to anyway?! A comedy show written for kids by a big kid. Matty is a children's entertainer with 7 years experience in making kids giggle at things they shouldn't do! Whether it’s running with scissors or pillow fighting a member of the audience, this show explores the world of naughty in all its delights. "Ageless" has music, interpretive dance, animatronics and a free karate lesson for every child! It's an hour of barely controlled chaos that the kids are gonna LOVE! "It’s like watching a Dr Suess come to life" – A mum.


Theatre & Comedy, Children & Family

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