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Like Neon Within

Guy James Whitworth grew up the cold, bleak north of England. Not that you would know that looking at his work; it is both bright and inspiring. It is light filled, vibrant and intensely colourful, completely contradicting his sombre childhood.
Flicking through his portfolio, is almost an assault, it is so bursting with energy. ‘I always frame my work in white’ he smiles self mockingly; ‘I kind of have to; I know I tread a very fine line between garish and vulgar. I’ve been painting for years now; this is my fourth exhibition. And for many years I only ever painted in black and white, but now after living in Sydney for the last decade, how could I not be using colour; Life here is so vibrant and the light is spectacular!’
Just to add to the intensity of Whitworth’s recent work is the fact that in his latest exhibition, ‘Like Neon Within’, some of the pictures are of quite graphic nudes.
‘Hmm, yes, you noticed that did you,’ smiles the artist again, ‘it’s kind of funny, but I’m so used to that subject matter now, it kind of doesn’t even register with me; I’m always way too involved in trying to capture some fleeting reflection of light or subtle shadow. Boring huh?’
Luckily for Whitworth’s his work is considered far from boring by collectors with his work being snapped up often before it’s shown.
Remember the tip and remember the name as Whitworth is tipped to be an artist to watch. The pieces making up this exhibition are sexy, loud, nude, colourful and certainly far from cold and sombre.
Like Neon Within
At The Pine Street Gallery, 1st floor 64 Pine Street, Chippendale, Sydney.
runs from Wednesday 3rd November til Saturday 12th November
Gallery hours; Mon to Friday 9.30- 5.30 Saturday 12-3


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