Shane Warne The Musical @ The Regal Theatre

Shane Warne The Musical

We’ve put up with singing cats, tenor ghosts, dancing coal miners and drag queens with bridges on their heads. At last there is a musical that matters to a city that knows where it will be every Boxing Day, last Saturday in September and first Tuesday in November – soaking in sport in the greatest spectator city on earth.

Warney came to us from Black Rock and will now be immortalised on stage by the most impressive team ever assembled for an Australian musical premiere.

Shane’s ups and downs are brought to life by the multi-talented composer and comedian Eddie Perfect with editorial assistance from Casey Bennetto, the creator of Keating!. The captain of the creative team is one of Australia’s most acclaimed theatre, opera and film directors, Neil Armfield (Keating!, Stuff Happens, Exit The King, Candy). The design team is led by Tony Award winner Brian Thomson (Priscilla, Keating! Boy From Oz – Arena).

SHANE WARNE THE MUSICAL is a leg-spun yarn about what it means to fall arse-backwards into the Australian Dream and emerge a champion. In a country that routinely lops its tall poppies, this show sets out to both celebrate and understand the life of cricket's most adored and maligned hero as he battles fame, failure, fidelity and the ferocious Australian media.

A sizzling live band and an exceptional cast, including Eddie Perfect as the man himself, bring to life a brilliant score which fuses soul, gospel, rock, power ballads, drum & bass, opera and even a touch of Bollywood.

From Shane’s hilarious dilemma of ‘What an SMS I’m In” to his beautifully touching duet with Simone, “Dancing With the Stars”, each song captures a different side to this most complex of personalities.

SHANE WARNE THE MUSICAL is a new breed of Aussie music theatre that smokes, drinks, carries a few extra kilos and still brings home the Ashes.


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Enmore Theatre 15 May, The Regal Theatre 18 March, Athenaeum Theatre 22 January