Kate Beynon: Friendly Beasts @ Queensland Art Gallery

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    Kate Beynon
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Kate Beynon: Friendly Beasts

Through the immersive exhibition 'Friendly Beasts', Australian artist Kate Beynon invites children to experience a magical world and introduces them to key characters that appear in her work - the 'beasts' Blue Shaman, Pink Lotus Monkey, Tu-dao Dog and Gorgon Girl. Young visitors can discover their own inner beast and engage with Beynon's ideas and artworks through hands-on and multimedia activities. Kate Beynon is the ninth Australian artist to develop a major interactive exhibition for children since 2009, joining previous artists Anne Wallace, Callum Morton, Pip & Pop, Fiona Hall, Gordon Hookey, Jemima Wyman, Robert MacPherson and the Gabori Sisters.


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