Lesbian Open House @ Newtown Library


Sydney Lesbian Open House is a lesbian discussion and social group meeting every Tuesday at 7pm at the Women’s Library, 10 Brown St, Newtown (just behind the City of Sydney Library). The discussion lasts from 7 till 8 then we head down to the Marlborough Hotel for coffee and/or drinks. It’s a free group and run by volunteers. It’s open to all who identify as lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual or just don’t know. It’s ideal for women just coming out or who have been out for a while or for those who don’t think they are “proper” lesbians. Normally around 20 women attend each meeting with ages ranging from late teens to late 60s and from all sorts of backgrounds – this absolute mix contributes enormously to the diversity and interest of the group. The meeting lasts for an hour starting with introductions and then the discussion topic for the evening. The topic is passed around and you may talk on it or just listen. Afterwards everyone heads down to the local hotel for a drink and a chat. Open House has been running in Sydney since 2000 and has run in Melbourne for around 40 years. Both groups are run by a passionate bunch of volunteers who believe there should be better ways of making friendships than spending every Saturday night in a dark bar shouting to make yourself heard.


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